'Dangerous brinkmanship' as PM rejects Corbyn's offer

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11 Feb 2019
Press Office

Press Office

GMB, Britain’s general union, has critised the Government’s ‘dangerous brinkmanship’ after the prime minister rejected the idea of remaining in a custom union .

Theresa May wrote to Jeremy Corbyn last night and rejected the Labour leader's call for the UK to stay in a permanent customs union with the EU. 

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said:

"The deal doesn’t work. Tweaks to a non-binding declaration and continually reiterating why the Prime Minister believes this deal to be good when no one else is happy about it won’t solve the problem. 

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"It’s not as simple as ‘get a deal and move on’, move on to what? Job losses and medicine shortages? Move on to economic chaos? 

"We don’t just need any deal, we need the right deal, this isn’t an abstract piece of paper we’re talking about it’s people’s lives, communities, jobs and rights. 

"Winding down the clock like this is dangerous. It’s time to stop this brinkmanship and extend article 50."

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