Detailed clarification needed to reassure BBC staff

31 Oct 2020
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GMB union has called on the BBC to clarify that its rules on impartiality do not discriminate against the rights of its employees to attend LGBTQ+ Pride marches 

GMB, the union for BBC staff, has called on the BBC to provide urgent clarification to its staff surrounding new impartiality rules introduced by the corporation’s director of editorial policy and standards David Jordan. 

Yesterday reports emerged suggesting that journalists and media staff at the BBC could be banned from attending LGBTQ+ pride marches. 

Today the Broadcasters director general Tim Davie moved to confirm that staff could attend pride events, but only if they were not "taking a stand on politicised or contested issues".

GMB is urging the Corporation to provide detailed ‘clarification’ to reassure staff. 

Nell Andrew, GMB National equality and inclusion officer said: 

“There’s still a massive discrepancy over who and what these rules impact in the organisation and the BBC move to quickly to clarify that it doesn’t include banning members from attending LGBTQ+ pride marches. 

“BBC LGBTQ+ staff especially, need to know that the LGBTQ+ community has the support of the whole organisation and its staff. 

“How would this policy be enforced? In a march of thousands of people with different banners and supporting different causes, how would you be able to pin point exactly what a member of staff is supporting? 

“This seems completely unworkable and the BBC needs to provide more detailed clarification urgently”.

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