Fire and rehire "wrecks lives" disabled worker tells TUC Congress

13 Sep 2021
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A disabled worker who was victim to fire and rehire ‘bullying’ has told how the practice ‘wrecks lives’. 

Dean Ismay – one of thousands of Asda workers forced to sign up to a detrimental new contract or lose their jobs – told TUC Congress today he felt ‘betrayed and humiliated’ by bosses. 

Almost 500 GMB British Gas engineers also lost the livelihoods earlier this year when they refused to sign up to draconian cuts to their terms and conditions. 

A GMB poll shows more than three quarters of the public want fire and rehire to be made illegal. 

The poll, conducted by Survation on behalf of GMB shows that 76% of those questioned said the practice of fire and rehire should be against the law – including 71% of Conservative voters. [1] 

Figures from the poll of more than 1,000 adults also show that 67% would be less likely to buy goods or services from a company which used fire and rehire. 

Dean Ismay, GMB delegate, said: 

“Fire and rehire is a dirty, bullying tactic. It wrecks lives and trashes the economy.  

“I have personally been subjected to this horrible tactic at Asda. 

“The business was so desperate for us all to sign the contract they even visited people when they were ill and off work, and they visited people at their homes to get them to sign.  

“When they issued the dismissal notices to us, I felt so sick with worry. As a disabled worker I felt utterly betrayed by the business, I was so stressed, and I was worried about my health. 

“Fire and rehire must be consigned everywhere to the dustbin of history where it belongs.  

“We need this Government to do what they have so far refused to – listen to the people and end this Victorian working practice for good.” 

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