Ford Bridgend closure would spell disaster for community

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05 Jun 2019
Press Office

Press Office

Reports Ford Bridgend is set to close would spell disaster for workers in Bridgend and the community at large.

GMB has responded to the latest reports the plant it set to close.

Jeff Beck, GMB Organiser, said:

“Obviously we haven’t as yet had any confirmation of any closure but we can confirm we’re meeting with Ford tomorrow and a new agenda has been arranged, which we’re yet to see.

“If our worst fears are confirmed it will mean disaster for both our members in Bridgend and the community at large, who we will stand by the tough thick and thin.

“The ironic part is in the week that Donald Trump is meeting the UK Prime Minister and talking up a special relationship and trade deal with the UK

and the US, if the plant does close, the new line is likely to be taken to Mexico by an American company. 

“So much for the special relationship Mr Trump."


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