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GMB and MPs slam council plan to slash 250 jobs

12 Aug 2019
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GMB, the union for council workers, and Stoke MPs have slammed council plans to slash almost 250 jobs.

The local authority today launched a consultation on chopping 248 jobs from council and back office staff.

Stoke Council claims the cuts are necessary to beef up its children’s services department

Dave Warwick, GMB Organiser, said

“Giving almost 250 people to boot is no way to ‘rebuild the city’ and is the sign of a council in crisis.

“And hiding devastating job cuts behind the guise of ‘investing in children’ is a particularly dirty trick.

“Which every way you look at it, this is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Perhaps the council should stop dishing out six figures salaries to top brass before sacking loyal staff members.”

Ruth Smeeth, MP for Stoke North, said:

“This is the reality of a Conservative Government. We’ve seen cuts to all our services for nearly a decade because of Conservative austerity.

“That was a political decision. And today we’ve seen our Conservative-led administration fail to manage its budget and make drastic cutbacks just 6 months after they passed their own budget.

“Regardless of the politics the only people who will suffer from these decisions are the residents of our city and the council’s workforce.

“We’ve had enough of the cuts. We deserve better.
 Gareth Snell, MP for Stoke Central, said:

“Only weeks after an election in which the Conservative and City Independents talked of investing in our city, they’re now slashing and burning services. 

“Making staff redundant through secret plans is the hallmark of an administration out of idea and out of compassion for the people they serve.

“They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and start focussing their efforts on securing fairer funding from their friends in Westminster rather than taking jobs from hard working public servants in Stoke-on-Trent.

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