GMB demands ministers ‘stop dithering’ on gas industry’s future

04 Aug 2021
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GMB, the union for energy workers, has called on the government to ‘stop dithering’ on the UK’s energy future after the Government delayed publication of two of its major energy strategies.

The Government’s hydrogen strategy had been expected in July but it has now reportedly been delayed to the third week of August

The heat and buildings strategy has reportedly been delayed even later to September

A ban on new natural gas boiler installations, which had originally been mooted for 2025, will be delayed to 2035, according to reports.

The union has also expressed its concerns that a mass programme of ripping out boilers and scrapping the gas distribution network is not the answer.  

Instead, the union is calling on the Government to invest in green gas technologies, including hydrogen, that could heat homes and other buildings using the existing gas distribution network.  

This move would fuel a hydrogen jobs revolution, supporting up to 100,000 jobs, and is a ‘no brainer’ energy strategy as the Government stalls in its efforts to hit its net-zero emissions targets by 2050. 

Andy Prendergast, GMB National Secretary, said:

“It’s time for the government to get serious on securing the UK’s energy future. 

“Electrifying heating in every home across the country is expensive and labour intensive, with many homes needing major work to get them up to scratch by 2035.

“Hydrogen is practical, efficient and cost effective. It can be integrated into the existing distribution network, and a full conversion programme could support tens of thousands of high-skilled, well-paid jobs. 

“This is a no brainer – it’s time for the government to stop dithering and turn up the heat on a hydrogen fuelled future for Britain.” 

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