GMB to PM: 'Pretending nothing has changed not good enough'

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24 Jan 2019
Press Office

Press Office

After his meeting today (Thursday) with Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss Brexit, GMB General Secretary Tim Roache said:

“I’m afraid to say the Prime Minister today failed to give us the guarantees we need over protecting jobs and rights at work.

“The concerns from members and their employers are mounting by the day as the clock runs down, and yet the Prime Minister is still refusing to take her threat of no deal off the table.


“We can’t carry on like this. As this crisis worsens, pretending nothing has changed is simply not good enough.


“The current deal doesn’t cut it. It pleases no one. We need a permanent customs union, legally binding commitments to workers’ rights that can’t be ignored or ripped up by a future Tory Government and a policy agenda that tackles the reasons people voted to leave in the first place.

“I asked for an extension to Article 50 but sadly the Prime Minister did not agree.”

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