GMB says: no to fire & rehire at Synergy LMS!

17 May 2021
Press Office

Press Office


Political heavyweights join GMB trade union in condemning treats of ‘fire & re-hire’ at Derby based company.

Balloting has started at a Derby based company, Synergy LMS, as workers there decide on their next steps in meeting threats from company senior management to ‘fire & re-hire’ it’s workforce.

The Synergy LMS workers trade union, GMB union, has today condemned these threats from senior management at Synergy LMS to ‘fire’ & re-hire’ it’s entire workforce on worse terms and conditions.

The Allenton based company, which is a major provider of linen to the NHS and the second largest commercial linen provider, has sparked alarm by threatening the move, which has been widely condemned as a deeply unfair employment practise.

Fire & rehire sees workers ‘laid off’, only to be re-employed but with significantly worse terms and conditions. At Synergy LMS, the move has been accused of being an attempt to remove time and a half pay for overtime and bank holiday work.

In a move that will force the issue into the spotlight, political figures have weighed in and condemned the company for the move.


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Angela Rayner MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“Synergy LMS should step back from the brink on these threats. The loyal and hardworking staff at Synergy LMS deserve recognition for their contribution to building the company, not a reduction in their terms and conditions.

Fire & re-hire is a morally indefensible attack on working people, economically stupid and has no place in our society.

I’m giving my support to all those that work in the company and to the GMB trade union members fighting against these threats”.

Margaret Beckett MP, Member of Parliament for Derby South, said:

“I am deeply concerned by these reports at Synergy LMS and have written to the company to express this. Especially concerning are the attempts to remove key benefits to employees, including time and a half pay for overtime and bank holiday work.

An obvious path forward is to engage in discussions with workforce representatives about the way forward for the company since certainly what appears to be the present proposals would be deeply damaging for the company’s reputation”.

Mick Coppin from the GMB trade union said:

These threats are a low blow for a loyal and hard-working staff team at Synergy LMS.

It’s not too late to come back from the brink and the senior management at Synergy LMS need to understand that fire & re-hire is not the right route for them or the long-term position of the company.

Our members are determined and ready to oppose this move at all cost, I would urge Synergy LMS to get around the table with them”.

Add you voice to the GMBs open letter against fire & rehire at : www.gmb.org.uk/campaign/condemn-synergy-lms-fire-and-rehire-threats

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