Ministers have learned nothing as Interserve faces collapse

15 Mar 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB, the union for Interserve workers, has responded after the company faced collapse this afternoon.

Interserve is set to go into administration after its largest shareholder, the US hedge fund Coltrane, opposed restructuring plans drawn up by the company’s lenders.

The company, which employs 45,000 people in the UK, has contracts in the NHS, including Ambulance preparation in London, supervises 40,000 offenders on probation, and is responsible for live firing exercises in Ministry of Defence ranges.

Our public services can't go on like this  

Kevin Brandstatter, GMB National Officer

The union has launched its Go Public campaign which, calling for an end to outsourcing and privatisation in UK public services and for a better deal to the taxpayer.

Kevin Brandstatter, GMB National Officer, said:

"Ministers have learnt absolutely nothing from the Carillion fiasco and are hell-bent on outsourcing public sector contracts.”

"Shambolic mismanagement is putting jobs put on the line and services in jeopardy. Our public services can't go on like this  


How Carillion went bang

Join the Go Public campaign

“We've launched our Go Public campaign to push for an end to outsourcing and privatisation in UK public services.

"It's time to turn the tide on the disastrous experiment of gifting our public services to fly-by-night profiteering companies.

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