Northampton General Hospital orders Coronavirus-positive staff back to work

11 Jun 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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Northampton General Hospital has ignored Government guidance and told staff who test positive for Coronavirus, but aren’t showing symptoms, to come back to work. 

GMB Union has hit back, demanding evidence for why people should be forced back into the workplace when they have tested positive for Coronavirus.  

The NHS Trust that runs the hospital has not responded with evidence. 

The Government’s advice is that anyone who tests positive - even if they don’t have symptoms - must self-isolate for 7 days. 

Stuart Richards, GMB Union Senior Organiser, said:  

“This is bizarre behaviour that goes completely against the Government’s clear advice on self-isolation. 

“They’re causing confusion at a time when it’s a matter of life-or-death importance to keep things simple. 

“GMB Union has had to fight to get adequate PPE for staff and now we’re having to tackle this. As it is, there are nearly 400 staff at Northampton General Hospital have had to self-isolate.  

“Forcing people back into work like this is likely to put the workers, their families and the entire community at risk.” 

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