Opportunistic raid on workers pay at USW ‘Appalling’

01 Sep 2020
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Press Office

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GMB Union have slammed University of South Wales’s (USW) penny pinching that will see new employees paid significantly less for doing the same job with a stripped back pension, despite the university holding millions of pounds in its reserves. 

GMB criticised USW, after management held a "for information only" meeting on Friday, where University management informed the Joint Trade Unions of their intent to strip away terms and conditions of employment for new employees. 

GMB claims that the move will mean that any new employees taken on after 1st December 2020, will have significantly lower salaries, an inferior pension, less sick leave, less maternity paternity leave alongside a host of other changes. 

In 2018, a previous attempt from USW to make changes to staff terms and conditions saw a U-turn after the issue escalated to the point of being debated on the Welsh Labour Party Conference floor, before being withdrawn once the university withdrew its plans.

GMB has promised to fight tooth and nail to defend members pay packets. 

Nicola Savage, Education Lead for GMB Wales said; 

"Quite frankly this is an appalling, opportunistic and an unnecessary move for USW. The University has already confirmed that it still holds millions of pounds of reserves. 

For many of our members who are already Local Government Pension Scheme members, this move will have a serious impact on their future as well. The effects of reduced contributions into the LGPS on a much wider group of people will be significant. 

“Members should have no doubt that we will fight tooth and nail against these changes, like we did last time. Nobody should be paid significantly less for doing the same job”. 

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