Shocking ethnicity pay gap figures show Govt must change law

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10 Jul 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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Shocking new ethnicity pay gap figures show why the Government must listen to GMB’s call for legislation to force companies to report their pay gap.

Data from the Office of National Statistics todaty show that on average, ethnic minorities earn 3.8% less than white ethnic groups. [1]

Last month, GMB passed a motion at the union’s annual congress calls for legislation to force bosses to report their ethnicity pay gap – currently effecting 1.9 million BAME workers.

Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) workers are estimated to lose a colossal £3.2 billion a year in wages compared to white workers. [2]

Last year, it became law for companies with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap.

Nell Andrew, GMB National Equality and Inclusion Officer, said:              

“It’s truly disturbing that in 2019 the UK should have any ethnicity pay gap – let alone one as big as this.

“GMB is calling for mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting.

“It’s a vital step in tackling in structural and inbuilt biases and, in some workplaces, dismantling institutional racism.

“This is about ending discrimination and ensuring the world of work is fair and equal for all.”

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