'Sore loser' security firm charges workers £200 each

16 Aug 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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A ‘sore loser’ security firm lost a big contract – then charged workers more than £200 each as a parting shot.

Amberstone recently lost the ASDA distribution security contract.

In the last pay run before they departed, without notice, they deducted the cost of each worker’s Security industry Authority licence from their final pay packet – up to £220 per person.

The unprecedented mean-spirited move left many of the hard-working security guards in unplanned financial hardship.

Roger Jenkins, GMB National Officer, said:

"Amberstone’s leaving present to their hard-working employees was to line their own pockets and leave workers skint.

“I have honestly never seen a company stoop so low. They are the ultimate sore losers.

“Amberstone should hang their heads in shame. It is no surprise they lost this contract and the sooner they leave the security industry the better."

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