Tempus Energy must come clean on how UK should keep the lights on

03 Apr 2019
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GMB, the energy union, has called on start-up firm Tempus Energy to come clean on who its secret financial backers are – and reveal its plan for keeping Britain’s lights on.

The company – which does not produce any energy and uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to manipulate energy demand and costs – won a court ruling claiming certain Government subsidies for power plants providing back-up energy are anti-competitive

As a result of the ruling, the UK’s ‘capacity market’ – which delivers electricity at busy times of ‘system stress’ – has ground to a halt.

Tempus Energy’s surprise legal win has left the UK facing a power crisis.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary

GMB is calling on Tempus Energy to say what its plan is now for how to keep the UK’s lights on at times when there is little or no wind and sun.

Tempus Energy has also been very private about its financial backers. Greenpeace helped bankroll the legal challenge and they were represented by legal firm Leigh Day – but other shareholders are merely listed by surname on Companies House.

Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary, said:

“Tempus Energy’s surprise legal win has left the UK facing a power crisis.

“Tempus must now tell the British public what power stations should be used as the vital back up to keep the lights on when there is little or no wind and sun and who its secret financial backers are? 

“As things stand, this litigation ultimately could force the UK to accept powers cuts - a breath-taking gamble to put on the paying public 

“The UK Government must also make an urgent statement to Parliament on what it sees as the alternatives to allowing power cuts in view of the further legal action in the courts by the environment lobby hiding behind Tempus.” 

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