Tory's plan to ban gas boilers 'ridiculous'

30 Sep 2019
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GMB, the energy union, has slammed a Tory plan to ban gas boilers.

The measure to outlawing central heating systems based on fossil fuels in all new homes from net year was announced over the weekend.

Currently 1.5 million new gas boilers are fitted in the UK each year and 80% of the UK’s 26 million homes are heated by gas.

GMB recognises the UK must up its game in respect of its climate change commitments under our 'Net Zero' Emissions Commitments

GMB's UK energy campaign

With current Government policy on new nuclear and renewable energy all over the place; gas will be essential to meeting UK energy demands for many years to come.

For the 12 months from 7 March 2017, every one in 5.6 days was a low wind day (65 days in total) when the output of the installed and connected wind turbines in the UK produced less than 10% of their installed and connected capacity for more than half of the day. For 341 days in the year, solar output was below 10% of installed capacity for more than half of the day. 

Stuart Fegan, GMB National Officer, said:

“Building new homes 'off grid' will potentially create 'islands' of fuel poverty if these homes are not able to benefit from the advantages that cheaper ultra-low carbon gas can bring in heating our homes.

“If the UK is going to eventually retrofit the 26 million existing homes across the UK to be made low carbon - which is UK infrastructure policy - legislating for home builders to not install perfectly good heating systems as opposed to expensive to run ground source heat pumps is ridiculous.

“GMB fully supports better thermal efficiency in terms of retrofitting of homes and new builds which is both sensible and welcome.

“However we already have the a highly skilled workforce of gas engineers and related disciplines that are able to meet the challenge of converting our gas network from methane to green gases such as hydrogen.

“The Conservatives have cooked up this plan without meeting the workforce or their unions. It’s chaotic. They clearly do not care about fuel poverty – and the British public won’t stand for it.”

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