Urgent message to Caerphilly residents from your public service workers  

10 Sep 2020
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Press Office

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The only way to defeat this virus is by solidarity from all generations. 
We stand shoulder to shoulder - two metres apart- with everyone in lockdown, but this must be a collective effort. 
Hundreds of your council workers have fought tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep services running for the benefit of the community. 
School support staff, care workers, refuse workers and others continue to put themselves on the front line for the sake of residents and their family members. The very least we can do is abide by the rules that will make them, and us, safer. 
Whilst we’d all love to get back to normal, we do not want to see more lives lost in Caerphilly when this loss is so easily prevented by following the new guidelines. 

The availability and turnaround of testing will be key to keeping track of new cases. If residents do their bit, then so must government by prioritising test, track and trace.  

Let's work together Caerphilly!  

Yours in hope and solidarity,  

GMB, UNISON, and UNITE (Caerphilly Local Government Trade Unions) 

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