Worst employer response to COVID-19 in Pembrokeshire

10 Apr 2020
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Press Office

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GMB have labelled Ledwood mechanical engineering in Pembrokshire the “worst employer we’ve dealt across Pembrokeshire, in their response to the COVID-19 crisis”

On Wednesday the emailed out to workers telling them that there was no requirement to sign furlough agreements because they were covered by a layoff clause in their contract, a clause that GMB claim “simply does not exist.” 

To make matters worse they have only committed to paying 50% of their basic contracted hours as a furlough payment, only promising to reimburse workers if they qualify for the government support scheme.
Adding insult to injury, during the first four days that workers were laid off the company has told them they will only receive statutory guaranteed pay of just £29, a change GMB have labelled illegal, with staff entitled to 100% pay.

GMB insist that the changes aren’t legal and have reassured members that they will fight the management all the way through the courts if they have too.
Jeff Beck, GMB regional organiser said:
“We’ve been dealing with many companies across Pembrokeshire who are all responding to COVID-19, and without doubt Leadwood Engineering have been the worst.

“We’ve seen worker’s contracts and the layoff clause they claim to be using, simply does not exist.
“Whilst we all face uncertainty, the Governments rules are very clear that staff need to be consulted before their contracts are changed and Furloughed staff should be entitled to at least 80% of their pay.
“GMB members should have no doubt that we will fight any illegal deduction of wages all the way to the courts and recover the monies owed to them.”

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