Yeovil hospital heroes to receive holiday pay boost

17 Sep 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB opened discussions with management at YDH after the results of a recent Court of Appeal case, which ruled that NHS staff were not having their overtime hours properly included in the calculation of holiday pay.    

The Hospital management made it clear that this was not a deliberate policy and negotiated a settlement with the union, effectively to get a settlement with the correct calculations in place.

Staff can now expect to receive back-pay for the last 3 years, and all future annual leave payments to include regularly paid supplements, including any recruitment and retention premia, payments for work outside normal hours etc.  

It’s the latest pay deal struck after GMB negotiated full sick pay for all staff affected by Coronavirus back in March. 

Tim Northover, GMB regional officer said:  

“This win puts pay back in our members’ pockets which they are rightfully entitled to. To my knowledge, no other NHS Trust have yet made this annual leave pay correction and settlement of back pay. We welcome the fact that YDH have done the right thing, and GMB will continue our work to ensure that other NHS Trusts follow this example. 

“GMB was the only health union to reject the NHS pay deal in 2018. That deal, which was agreed by the other unions, has resulted in some NHS staff pay being held down for a further 3 years below projected inflation rates.  

“It’s vital that we correct that shortfall plus get NHS staff a deal that recognises their efforts and sacrifices during the pandemic. After a decade of pay freezes, it’s time for a restorative real term pay increase of 15% for our health worker heroes as the new deal looms”.    

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