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Discussions on your pay have now started.

GMB Union: Fighting for better pay, terms and conditions in local government and schools

GMB Union negotiates pay for hundreds of thousands of workers in local government and schools. Those discussions have now started for pay in 2021/22. We’re campaigning for:

  • Pay Justice – a substantial pay increase with a minimum of 10% for all workers in local government and schools
  • Better work/life balance – a reduction of hours to a 35 hour working week (on the same pay); 25 days annual leave plus bank holidays; better maternity/paternity/adoption leave; new working from home policies and new measures to tackle workplace stress and support mental health
  • To be paid for the work we do and trained for the work we do – a review of job descriptions, career development and pay for schools support staff because too many are working over and above your pay grades without the acknowledgment or reward

It's time for Pay Justice Now

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