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Decent Pensions for all are a Number 1 Priority for the GMB and the Trade Union movement in general. Decent pensions alleviate pensioner poverty and support local and national economies. The GMB works at all levels to ensure that members and society benefit from this simple fact and as a Department we seek to emphasise the importance of pensions and embed it into the organising work we do.

We represent the GMB on the National Scheme Advisory Boards of the NHS, Local Government and Civil Service Schemes. Working with employers, actuaries, government departments and other Trade Unions to ensure that pension schemes remain healthy and are able to provide the deferred wages promised.

In the private sector we sit on the boards of company pension schemes and give support, advice and guidance to GMB reps who also sit on them aiming to debunk some of the myths around the industry.

We give advice, support and guidance to officers, activists and individual members on most aspects of how pension schemes operate and what they might expect from their pension. We aim to support those who need reassurance or just want questions answered.

We provide some legal advice on some aspects of pension schemes and keep abreast of any changes to the pension’s legal framework.

Via your Regions we:

  • Offer training of officers and activists.
  • Carry out workplace visits to assist in organising and recruitment

We provide webinars for individuals and generally seek to add the fundamental issue of Pensions to the Workplace Agenda.

Why not utilise us more as part of your training, organising and recruitment. Feel free to contact the National Pensions Organiser, George Georgiou.


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