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Barbara Plant

GMB National President


Hello and welcome to my blog!

I'm Barbara Plant, National President of GMB.

I've held the post since Summer 2018 when I was elected by delegates at GMB Congress in Brighton.

My background is as a teaching assistant in Lewisham, South London.

I've been a GMB member for more than 20 years and a GMB activist for most of that time.

As well as an Education Convenor for the London Borough of Lewisham, I proudly served as Chair of GMB National Schools Committee and on Southern Region Equality Forum. ​

As President, I am still a member of Southern Regional Committee and the Central Executive Committee (CEC). 

On this page you can find all of my latest blog posts and stay in touch  smiley


GMB Presidents

See below the list of GMB President's from our formation to the present day

Barbara Plant
2018 to date
Mary Turner
1997 - 2017
Dick Pickering
1992 - 1996
Olga Mean
1988 - 1992
James Morrell
1987 - 1988
Dick Pickering
1982 - 1987
Derek Gladwin
1976 - 1982
Alex M. Donnet
1970 - 1976
Charles Smith
1964 - 1970
Bernard Swindell
1962 - 1964

The President of GMB is the highest lay position in our Union. They chair our national Congress and oversea Congress business, chair our Central Executive Council as well as carry out many other leadership duties within the GMB.

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