Organising through Equality and Inclusion

Guides and information on Equality & Diversity legislation and policies.

Equality & Diversity legislation and policies can be a powerful tool for reps to use in the workplace

GMB Equality and inclusion have a range of vital tools, campaigns and resources for reps tackling inequality in the workplace, from reasonable adjustment passports to our domestic abuse charter, to our menopause toolkit and more. See how your workplace can get involved!

Campaigns & Resources

GMB Equality and Inclusion also hold many events throughout the year around the different strands of equalities - they're a great way to learn and get members more involved in the union.

Do take a look at what's on and bookmark the page so you can find it easily.

Events and Briefings

Visit GMB's Equality and Inclusion pages for ready made equality policies and information on how underrepresented groups can get involved and also see the TUC website for additional information.

GMB’s Equality and Inclusion Network 

Information from TUC

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