Safe Work and Secure Jobs

GMB's safe working policy statement

With all of the UK under ever tighter restrictions due to Coronavirus, GMB is more determined than ever to ensure that our members are safe and their jobs secure.

We want to see workplaces open where they can do so safely and where they can’t open safely for jobs to be safeguarded for better times in the future.

This means: 

  • Workers who can work from home need to be able to do so and be provided with the support they need; 
  • Workplaces that remain open need to meet our 5 key tests; 
  • Workplaces that close must protect jobs by furloughing workers and avoiding redundancies. 

We have revisited our earlier advice in all of these areas and you can access this via our Coronavirus Hub on the GMB website

GMB is fast emerging as the union for key workers, with over half of our members classified as key workers. There has never been a more important time to be a member of a trade union.

Throughout the pandemic GMB has ensured that hundreds of thousands of workers are safe at work and has saved tens of thousands of jobs that without our intervention would have been lost to redundancy.

Our 5 key tests for safe working

  1. Full provision of the PPE needed to do the job safely.
  2. Effective safe systems of work. 
  3. Protection for vulnerable workers. 
  4. Functioning testing regimes in place. 
  5. Full pay when absent from work for those isolating, shielding or suffering from Long Covid 

Risk assessments, carried out in conjunction with GMB safety representatives, are the route to identifying effective PPE provision, safe systems of work and arrangements for shielding and testing.

These will vary from sector to sector but GMB expects our members to be involved through their trade union representatives. Additionally, no worker should have to choose between doing the right thing to isolate or shield  against putting food on the table or heating their home. 

GMB is here to enforce our 5 key workplace tests to make your work safe.

Use the guidance in our Coronavirus Hub to equip yourself with what you need to make work safe. You have rights at work and we are here to enforce those rights for you.

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If you have been exposed to risk at work due to Coronavirus you can register your exposure to this risk using our risk register

COVID-19 Risk Register

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