Support for GMB members facing redundancy

If you find yourself facing redundancy, we’ll help you find a new job and develop your skills, plus you’ll get 6 months free GMB membership.

We’ll help you find a new job and develop your skills

The coronavirus pandemic has put many people at risk of redundancy. As a GMB member, if you find yourself in this situation, we want to support you through these difficult times.

We will always be alongside you fighting to save jobs and to protect our industries for the future, but inevitably some employers will struggle to stay afloat.

That’s why we’ve developed a package for members who find themselves facing redundancy.

Whether you want to brush up on your basic skills or jump into a new industry, GMB offers something for everyone. You can even access one-to-one support to find a new job.

How do I access the redundancy package?

Sign up for a course and we’ll cover your membership fees for the next six months. During this period you’ll be able to access all the support and benefits available as part of your GMB membership, and get the support you need to find a new role.

Step 1 Enrol on a course, you’ll need your membership number to do so - can't find it? Take a look here

Step 2 Simply call your regional office to let them know you’ve enrolled and they’ll update your fees

Step 3 Develop your skills and find a new job


Looking for something else?

GMB Lifelong Learning offers even more free and discounted learning opportunities suitable for any interest or industry. Access free level 2 qualifications, bursaries and more.

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