"Being part of GMB Union as a key worker gives you peace of mind"

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Flexible Working

Donna, Ambulance Crew

I have been in the Ambulance service since 2011.

The best part of my job is the variety of people you meet in a run of shifts, not just patients and the general public, but your crew mates, and other health care staff. As my favourite past time is talking - it suits me very well. 

Being part of GMB Union as a key worker gives you peace of mind. Unless you work in HR or Management, you would not have a clue about policies and procedures, and that's why having a Union Rep is so important.

Our job is to make sure that all proper process is followed, and to make you feel there is someone there, on your side. 

During Covid-19 GMB have been supportive in the fight for proper protective equipment for staff in all areas of the NHS and community from day one, and they have taken on the Government on our behalf head on.  

They are always on your side no matter what and the army of reps stand up on your behalf, voluntarily, which shows their passion for people and what’s right.  


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