"GMB are always at the end of the phone if I have a problem"

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Leslie, Senior Care Worker

I’ve worked in social care for ten years and I’m now a senior carer in a residential care home and Iabsolutely love my job.

I decided to join the army of social care key workers because of my parents. My Mum passed from cancer and my Dad from dementia. I thought: If I can care for my parents, I can care for anyone.

Our residents are like a big extended family, and I care for them as I did for my Mum and Dad. Our job is so rewarding but it is challenging and sometimes very frustrating.  

I joined the GMB Union 2 years ago and membership fees are money well spent. The team are always at the end of the phone if I have a problem, big or small.

For care workers, these are very difficult times. We’re worried and frightened for our health and our family’s but also for our extended family, the residents. It’s no secret that in our sector and in the NHS there is not enough PPE to go round – it’s really upsetting because we won’t abandon our extended family, not when they need us most.

Please remember us when clapping for your key workers – I applaud all my colleagues who are so often forgotten. 


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