"The help given was more than I expected and I can't thank them enough."

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"Back in March 2018 when I approached the GMB regarding a claim for compensation for the accident I had been involved in I was not looking forward to the following ordeal.

"I nor anyone close to me have ever had any dealings with the law before and it was not an experience I was relishing in the slightest.

"From the first letter I received I felt more at ease, everything was explained to me, not in a patronising way but so I understood what was being done for me and what I was expected to do.

"All appointments were made so I had plenty of time to find out where I needed to go and make arrangements to get there, as I don't drive and have limited knowledge outside of Liverpool this to me was a good thing.

"All of the specialists made the experience of meeting them less daunting than I expected.

"The reports were sent to me after the meetings so I got the chance to refresh my memory and correct anything I had not put over as I intended to.

"Over the two years of my claim Matthew and the UnionLine team were there should I have any reason to get in touch, on the few times I did and Matthew was not available he got back to me as soon as possible.

"In all letters from Matthew he gave me sound advice and an explanation regarding the pros and cons of the advice given, but ultimately the decision was mine.

"I am more than grateful to Matthew and the UnionLine team for all they did for me, putting me at my ease and looking after my needs at a very trying time in my life, I know it's their job but the way they delt with me and the help given is more than I expected and I can't thank them enough.

GMB North West & Irish member

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