"I could not have asked for a better solicitor."

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"Having been a member of GMB for a few years now I never thought I’d actually have to use their services."

"After an accident in June 2016 I was put in touch with UnionLine by my local GMB representative.

"Brendan [at UnionLine] kept in touch with me on every step of the way with regular emails, but when more important issue needed to be discussed this was done by phone calls nothing was too much trouble for UnionLine.

"What I have to say about you Brendan which I find so very important to bring to your attention is, Brendan you kept all conversations simple for me and did not use legal jargon which of cause would have been very confusing for me.

"I must admit throughout this process I tried not to think about a settlement figure, as we started to get towards the end of the process it was becoming clearer we were getting towards a settlement figure and it was above and beyond any of my expectations.

"I could not have asked for a better solicitor if I had tried, you have gone above and beyond I will always be so grateful as you have made my settlement life changing for me.

"Can I say thank you again for making our lives better."

GMB Southern Region member

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