"UnionLine lets you keep the sum of money that you win. I am glad that GMB have this service for members. "

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I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Unionline via GMB.

After I sustained an injury at work I wasn't too sure which direction to go in.

I've been a member of GMB since 2011 but at the time of the injury I didn't realise my membership with GMB could help me with a claim through UnionLine.

I was very pleased that this service was provided.

The case started in September 2015 and after four and half years it got settled out of Court.

I was happy that UnionLine lets you keep the sum of money that you win and doesn't get touched by the lawyers - their fee's are taken separately. Whereas with private lawyers it's completely different as you don't have a choice but have to give a percentage from the final payout compensation.

The service provided by UnionLine is very professional. The staff members work very hard to meet your needs.

UnionLine respond to calls and emails very quickly. The staff are very friendly and I am glad that GMB have this service for their members.

I will definitely, if neccessary, use UnionLine in the future because now I am more aware of what kind of support is provided.

I'm extremely happy that my case got resolved so now I can move forward and settle down. 

GMB London Region member

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