Support at Work

GMB Union exists to get a better deal for our members - we campaign for better pay, better rights and we’re always on your side if there is a problem in the workplace. Below is some advice on a range of issues.

If you need urgent help in the workplace, your GMB workplace representatives are your first port of call. You can contact them through your GMB Region. 

Click here to contact your local GMB regional office, or email info@gmb.org.uk if you don't know which region you are in.

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How can GMB Help me?

GMB Union exists to support our members at work and to campaign for the best possible pay, terms and conditions. It’s what we do.

Whether you need advice about a situation that is effecting you, you want a louder voice for you and your colleagues when it comes to pay, your terms and conditions or you just want to make sure someone is on your side when you need it – we’re here.

Members often get in touch with general questions about what your rights are. We’ve put together some of the most frequently raised subjects - you can click on them above, but please keep in mind this is not legal advice and it’s not specific to your situation.

If you need help or advice, you should contact your rep or GMB region.

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