Checklist for GMB Reps on coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Covid-19 is a workplace issue and therefore impacts on every worker in every workplace

12 must-ask questions

Covid-19 is a workplace issue and therefore impacts on every worker in every workplace.

GMB Union is well placed to lead the fight to ensure all workers are protected. GMB Reps have a key role to play in this effort.   

To assist you in your efforts please see a handy check list below: 

The coronavirus checklist

1. Does your employer provide regular information on the management of risk from coronavirus to workers? Is it given in a way that is easily understood? 

2. Have risk assessments and COSHH assessments been performed on the risk of exposure to people who have coronavirus? 

3. Are workers or safety reps consulted when the assessments are performed? 

4. Are the assessments performed by a competent person? (Note: This doesn’t mean someone who is an expert on the coronavirus, but someone who can accurately assess how likely you are to be exposed to coronavirus in your work, and how that risk can best be controlled).  

5. Are regular meetings in place to update Safety Reps at the appropriate levels (Nationally, Regionally, locally)? 

6. Are arrangements in place to safety reps to have the time and ability to get to these meetings (travel arrangements, time off to attend)? 

7. Are occupational health providers being used to determine who at work is most at risk from coronavirus? (Anyone who is over the age of 60, or who has lung conditions, heart conditions, cancer, diabetes or weakened immune systems). 

8. Are plans in place to prioritise actions for those workers identified as being at highest risk? 

9. Is it clear how workers can raise concerns? 

10. Is there a quick way for worker to report if they believe they have been exposed to coronavirus and need to self-isolate? 

11. Are procedures in place for urgent consultation with GMB safety reps and post holders if decisions to change working arrangements are to be made (such as moving to flexible working, home working, temporary shut downs or workplace closures)? 

12. Are reps able to quickly contact managers, including out of hours (and vice versa)?  

Please note GMB regionally and nationally are speaking to employers, government dept and employer associations to ensure agreements are in place on Covid-19. Please ensure you either have a copy of your local agreement or national agreement to assist you in your check list.

Where no agreement is in place please contact your local GMB senior res or organiser to ensure there’s an agreement in place ASAP. 

Any agreement needs to include efforts to ensure employers pay ‘Full Pay’ & that any Covid-19 absences are not recorded against any other absences.  

Please ensure all employer exchange on Covid-19 need to be logged with your local GMB office.  

Coronavirus Hub: real-time updates

The advice around coronavirus (COVID-19) is constantly changing, take a look at our Coronavirus Hub for the latest advice and information from your union.

Coronavirus advice

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