Model letter to employer: general coronavirus concerns

A template letter to send to employers

Copy the below and send to your employer

Dear Sir/Madam 

Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974; Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation 2002; – COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Risk Management and Control 

I write with reference to the ongoing situation regarding the spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, within the United Kingdom. 

GMB is contacting all employers where we have membership to check what provisions are in place to minimise the risk of your staff of COVID-19 and what impact this is having on you as an employer and on your staff.  

GMB is therefore seeking confirmation of the following: 

  1. That risk assessments and COSHH assessments as required under the above legislation are in place, or that provision of such assessments or revised assessments can be quickly made by competent persons if and when required. 

  1. That regular, updated, clear and comprehensible information on work-related risks from COVID-19 are being provided to all workers on an ongoing basis; 

  1. That suitable and sufficient Personal Protective Equipment will be provided to workers where exposure risk is identified, and suitable training is in place for staff who need to use PPE. That where PPE is required have you envisaged any problems with access to PPE and if so what interim measures have you put in place to protect your staff? 

  1. That where workers are required to self-isolate to prevent exposure risk, full pay will be provided from the point of absence to prevent workers attending the workplace or fulfilling work duties and creating additional risk. 

  1. That any absence from work relating to COVID-19 will not result in disciplinary action, or count towards any future sickness absence related action; 

  1. That any measures requiring moves to flexible working, home working, use of holiday entitlements to cover workplace closure, or any other changes to regular working practices will be consulted upon and agreed with GMB before implementation. 

GMB is keen to provide reassurance to all of its members that both the Union and the employers that we negotiate are taking all reasonable steps to reduce potential exposure to COVID-19.  

I would therefore be grateful if you would respond to these queries and soon as possible so that this information can be provided to members. 

Your sincerely, 


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