Take it up with your boss

A guide to raising your concerns with your manager - the first stage of resolving issues

The person that best understands the risks you face at work due to Coronavirus is YOU. 

Raising your concerns with the relevant manager is the first stage of attempting to resolve any issues or concerns. 

Ask yourself the following couple of questions to decide how you can best proceed with addressing any concerns you have: 

Question 1 – Will an informal approach to my employer work?

In many instances, the manager concerned isn’t aware of the issue or of the effect it is having.

Raising the issue in person, by phone or by email gives the employer the opportunity to address the problem and find a quick resolution. 

Question 2 – Does this issue affect more than just me?

If it just affects you and an informal approach to the employer hasn’t worked, then it’s time to think about an individual grievance.

This sounds more complicated than it is in reality – a grievance is the recognised way that an employee can raise a concern with their employer.

Every employer has a grievance procedure and it is there to be used.

The first stage is to write to your employer – you can access a model individual grievance letter here.

If the issue affects more than just you then we need to find out how wide spread the problem is. You may want to enlist the help of your local rep.

This may affect colleagues who are yet to join GMB. If so, then we need them to join so we can raise the issue collectively on behalf of the whole workforce. 

You can access a model collective grievance here.

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