Thinking Differently at Work

GMB’s campaign for neurodiversity in the workplace

Thinking Differently at Work

The term neurodiversity recognises that there are natural variations in the way people think and process information.

Neurological differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD and autism spectrum conditions are often described as being part of neurodiversity.

Neurodivergent workers can bring real strengths to their workplace. The GMB Union is proud to represent thousands of neurodivergent members.

Unfortunately, too many of them face barriers at work – from a lack of employer awareness, to difficulties in accessing support, and discrimination.

Trade unions can play an invaluable role in supporting their members and reaching agreements with employers to make workplaces more inclusive for everyone.

GMB, through its Thinking Differently at Work campaign, provides support and advice for neurodivergent workers, their representatives in the workplace, and employers. 

The resources

Neurodiversity in the workplace toolkit

Dyspraxia in the workplace guide

The law and neurodiversity at work guide

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