Urgent update on Birmingham City Council Equal Pay offer




Dear Member,  

GMB has been passed shocking information regarding equal pay justice for employees in Birmingham City Council (BCC).  We have discovered that in a recent legal tribunal, BCC confirmed there are serious issues with the grading of different roles in the council. 

This is a staggering admission and blows a huge hole in the agreement, known as the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) also known as “The Nuisance Payment,” that was recently signed between unions and the council to resolve equal pay issues. 

The consequences for all members are extremely serious and immediate.  

 In the coming days and weeks, you may receive a letter from BCC offering you a sum of money in return for agreeing not to pursue any equal pay claim for the period 2011-2021.  

Our advice is that GMB members should NOT sign such a letter. 


Agreeing to the council’s offer means signing away rights to any claim for equal pay for the period 2011-2021 when, based on this new evidence, there may well be legitimate claims.  

It is now clear that The MOU agreement between BCC and the unions is fundamentally flawed. We simply do not trust it to work for our members.  

GMB is proceeding with legal claims against the council. To ensure your claim is submitted we urge you to lodge your claim using this link as soon as possible: - https://gmb.powerappsportals.com/   

We will be holding both face to face meetings and virtual meetings, information of which will be sent to you via email and text in the coming hours and days. 

It is therefore imperative that you update your membership details on our website and your contact preferences as we cannot contact unless you tick the opt in boxes for email, phone, SMS. You can do this by:

We appreciate this may be unsettling news but wanted you to know as soon as possible about a matter that could have serious financial implications for so many hardworking, underpaid GMB members who do so much for our city. 

Yours fraternally  


Michelle McCrossen  

GMB Regional Organiser  


P.S.  Our advice is clear: do not sign the offer letter, do not sign your rights away.   


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