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The latest advice and information for members in Wales

On this page you will find the very latest advice from your union as a member living in Wales.

Please do bookmark this page and check back as we will regularly update it.

GMB is winning for carers

On Friday 5th June the Welsh government announced good things for carers in Wales.

This is a huge win for GMB members and shows the power of being in GMB and the power of a Labour government in Wales to do what’s right.

Read more here

Schools in Wales

The Welsh Government is in regular dialogue with the recognised Trade Unions to ensure that a return to work is phased, proportional and ensures the safety of both school based staff and pupils.

It was announced today by Kirsty Williams MS, the Education Minister that there will be a wider opening of school settings: with further education to re-open from 15 June and schools to reopen on 29 June. The proposals will see the school term extended by a week until 27 July.

GMB has played a full role in talks and has warned the government that this return cannot be a dive in at the deep end, and any return to work must be enforced by rigorous risk assessments.

Our Welsh Education Lead, Nicola Savage spoke to the press about the proposal and said:

“We’ve been meeting with the Welsh Government regularly and we’ve made clear that we back a cautious approach. It’s vital that any return to school is accompanied with the proper risk assessments.

“It’s important that the Welsh Government put safety of staff and children first, and so far from our discussions, we’re confident that is forefront in their mind.

“This is a process and over the next few weeks, we’ll be consulting with our members in a series of online meetings to hear and monitor the return to work.

“Our members should be reassured this will not be a dive in at the deep end. We will assist them every step of the way in the journey back to work, ensuring that rigorous social distancing plus health and safety measures are enforced.”

Register for the GMB Webinar for school staff in Wales

The Welsh Government Education Minister, Kirsty Williams MS, has announced her preferred option for the reopening of Schools in Wales.

The GMB has therefore organised an all Wales Schools meeting to discuss the proposal, and to hear from members directly the concerns you may have about the decision to reopen schools.

Wednesday 10th June 6pm till 7pm

Register here

Chaired by GMB Senior Organiser for Public Services, Mike Payne
GMB Education Lead in Wales, Nicola Savage
GMB National Director for Health & Safety, Dan Shears

New Test Track & Trace facility

This was rolled out from 1st June in Wales. This was slightly later than in England, the reason for this was to ensure that glitches that had been identified in the App/System in England, (including security/anonymity), were ironed out before going live here in Wales.

It was the Welsh Government's view that a slight delay to get things right was more appropriate rather than rushing implementation before the issues with the system had been resolved.

There have been trials taking place across four health board areas to identify issues, working with local government to pool information so that when the system was implemented in all health board areas, that there was a lot of evidence for the tracers to be able to use, and thereby making the system more effective and accurate.

We continue to work with Welsh Government to ensure that changes are made as and when issues arise, and to ensure that members and their families are protected both in the community and at work.

If members have questions please contact your Regional Organiser/Senior Organiser so that we can ensure the issues they raise are dealt with as a matter of urgency.

A Safe Return to Work Policies in Wales

Working in social partnership with the Welsh Government, we are working on industry specific and detailed guidance on what employers need to do in order to ensure that members are protected upon their return to work across the economy. Also to ensure that those who are shielding or are shielding others continue to be protected.

We will provide updates here as soon as they are available.

Advice for members in Wales

Making Schools Safe

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