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GMB helped found the Labour Party in 1900 and has campaigned for Labour governments at all levels ever since. We believe electing into government a Party that is made by working people and committed to benefitting working people is the best way to achieve our vision of fairness, equality and social justice in the workplace and society. GMB works to make sure Labour stands up for our members through our affiliation, with a say in decisions made at Party Conference and the Manifesto policies Labour goes into Government with. 


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We Are Labour

Working people standing up for each other was what founded our union in 1889 when by acting collectively as one voice our members matched the power of employers who could do nothing but agree to their demand for a reduction of working hours to an 8-hour day. 

Like today, in a society built in the interests of the wealthy few our members knew that rights and protections would not be handed down by those who have the power to make decisions that affect the world of work. They saw that only with working people in politics we could make sure those who make the laws were on our side, to improve the world of work for good.

In 1900 our members joined other trade unionists and socialists to form the Labour Party to take these demands for an 8-hour day amongst others into Parliament. They did so on the same principle - that by working together we can achieve more than we can alone.

It was trade unionists across the country who then traded in their work clothes and stood as Labour Members of Parliament, elected to speak up in the House of Commons for millions of working people. Our union's founders were among them, including Will Thorne, Jack Jones, Pete Curran and Charles Dukes. Our union also provided the Labour Party with one of its leaders, J.R. Clynes who lead the Party to electoral breakthrough in the 1922 election, as well as Margaret Bondfield who became the first woman cabinet minister in British history.


From the creation of our NHS, the establishment of the Open University, the Equal Pay Act, decriminalisation of homosexuality to the introduction of the national minimum wage, Labour in government has always sought to move society towards a fairer and more equal future and improve the livelihoods of working people and the most vulnerable.

None of these successes were possible without hundreds of thousands of trade union members mobilising to support the Party they founded. These are the achievements of working people coming together to fight for a better tomorrow.

Today GMB and Labour continues that fight. We’ve seen nearly a decade of Conservative governments' brutal austerity cuts, attacks on trade union rights, privatisation of our public services, the pitting of communities against each other and support of unscrupulous employers who increase their wealth at the expense of the workers who create it. We believe in the fight for a general election and a Labour government more than ever.

GMB works to ensure our members have a say in the Party we founded, so that Labour stands up for working people when in government and makes a difference to their lives

Labour's plan for working people


Labour is the only party committed to putting rights, equality and power in the hands of working people. And there's a lot to do after nearly a decade of Conservative governments wedded to austerity and privatisation policies which have disadvantaged the most vulnerable in society, cut public services and the pay of those who work in them in real terms, and failed to defend our manufacturing jobs and the communities that rely on them.

At work, Labour will tackle insecurity head on, benefitting our members working in all areas of the economy from ASOS warehouses to care homes by guaranteeing employment rights from day one to all, a real living wage of at least £10 an hour and an end zero hour contracts. 

Labour will tackle the housing crisis by building over a million genuinely affordable new homes in ten years and introduce rent controls on ever increasing lettings costs.

Labour is the party of the NHS and will put a stop to the back-door selling off of our health service under the Conservatives, ensuring its properly publicly owned with properly funded mental health services.

In our schools, Labour will make sure all primary school children have free school meals, and will bring in a progressive system of free education for all through a new National Education Service; and guarantee quality apprenticeships and adult skills training.

Labour will fight soaring transport costs and rebuild our transport networks by bringing trains into public ownership and extend public control over our bus networks, creating a reliable service for everyone who needs to travel. 


20 Labour Policies for a fair deal at work

Labour is the only political party committed to putting rights, equality and power in the hands of working people.

Help win for working people with Labour                    

This government has spent nine years seeking to divide working people and leave our communiites behind, but we can do something about it. 

Whether helping campaign for Labour during election time, or being GMB's voice in the Labour Party to make sure it stands up for working people where you are - our members and activists have a wealth of experience organising in their workplaces and wider communities that can help Labour make a massive difference, but it relies on us to fight for it. 

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