Working safely in your workplace

A checklist to ensure a safe system of work

Use the checklist below to ensure that systems are in place in your workplace so that staff and others (e.g. customers or clients) are able to adequately social distance and prevent transmission of the virus:

  • No hot desking? 
  • Desks, floors and signage to maintain social distancing? 
  • Max number of people allowed in rooms? 
  • Minimise number of people in workspaces?  
  • Review of all work activities to ensure social distancing? 
  • Signage increased? 
  • Route markings for one-way system around work premises? 
  • Supervisor enforcement? 
  • Operation of lifts – reducing numbers individuals who need to use them? 
  • Introduce screens/barriers? 
  • Marking floors for work areas? 
  • Close some workstations/desks 
  • Appropriate PPE for risks that cannot be eliminated or controlled to safe levels as a last resort?  


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