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For almost a decade GMB has been campaigning for Amazon workers to be treated fairly - with dignity and respect.

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February 13th

GMB Amazon campaign begins with protests outside sites across the UK.

Amazon campaign 2013

August 1st

Major campaign launches at the Swansea site in South Wales after reports of poor working conditions.

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November 25th

GMB’s campaign leads to first BBC Panorama investigation into the conditions that one expert said could cause ‘mental and physical illness.”


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July 2nd

The GMB organisers team up with union’s across Europe to pile pressure on Amazon internationally to improve working conditions.

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September 30th

GMB deliver an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) to Amazon at their Croydon Depot on tax avoidance and poor treatment of staff.

October 20th

Amazon cave into GMB’s campaign for improved terms and conditions for workers by offering temporary workers improved pay.

GMB say “it’s a small step in the right direction.”

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August 18th

GMB attack Amazon in the press for pressuring workers to be “above-average Amazon robots”.

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December 11th

GMB launches campaign to get decent jobs at Amazon and launched Petition.

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April 3rd

GMB files legal claim against Amazon’s logistics company, UK Express, in high profile case against firms using self-employment loopholes to avoid paying the minimum wage.

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October 8th

GMB surveys members in Amazon and they tell GMB they want:

  • Better pay
  • Improved safety and security
  • To be treated with dignity
  • To be treated like a humans not robots

December 14th

GMB organising campaigns grow at Amazon Rugely in Birmingham as members tell GMB that they are being reprimanded for taking toilet breaks.

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January 15th

GMB delivers ‘ground breaking’ victory against UK Express for workers who deliver for Amazon.

Workers were offered compensation of around £20,000.

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June 1st

A GMB investigation reveals that, between 2015 and 2017, ambulances were called out 115 times at Amazon’s Rugeley site. GMB, say “Amazon should be utterly ashamed of themselves.”


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June 4th

GMB announce further legal actions against three Amazon delivery companies on the charge of bogus self-employment.

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July 16th

GMB launches Prime Day actions and activity across a number of UK Amazon sites as poor safety issues and poor treatment becomes even worse on Prime Day.

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July 22nd

GMB launch the 'Amazon, we are not robots' campaign at Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival and Rally.

Amazon protest at Tolpuddle

August 3rd

GMB calls out Amazon for their miniscule tax payments calling it a “complete disregard” for the UK tax payer.

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September 6th

GMB team up with MPs to call on Amazon to clean up their act and recognise the GMB.

November 13th

A GMB investigation reveals more than 600 serious health and safety incidents reported at amazon warehouses.

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November 21st

GMB host the Global Amazon Alliance of trade unions meeting in London. The event was attended by more than 20 unions from around the world.

Global Amazon Alliance in London

November 23rd

GMB launch massive Black Friday campaign to highlight plight and unsafe working conditions for Amazon workers. The protests went global with international coverage.

Amazon protest


April 29th

Global Amazon Alliance of Trade Unions organising meeting in Berlin.

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July 15th

GMB stages Prime Day protests across the UK in anger at the appalling working conditions in the retail giant’s warehouses.

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July 22nd

GMB calls on Jeff Bezos to show empathy with the very people that have helped contribute to his vast and increasing personal fortune.

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October 21st

GMB research into Amazon's appalling health and safety record features in Daily Mirror front page.

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October 22nd

GMB campaigners go to the EU Commissioner and meet with MEP’s to discuss the situation at Amazon sites.

GMB meet with the EU Commissioner

November 29th

GMB hold major protests on Black Friday in Warrington, Sheffield, Doncaster, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Bristol, Swansea, Rugley and more.

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February 17th

BBC Panorama investigate Amazon’s working practices - again highlighting GMB evidence from workers.

February 18th

GMB calls for an urgent parliamentary inquiry into the working conditions at Amazon sites across the UK.

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March 24th

GMB calls out Amazon for 'blatantly disregarding' social distancing rules as workers left in 300 strong crowds.

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October 14th

GMB calls on the Government to use its purchasing power to stand up for Amazon on workers’ rights.

November 26th

GMB projects the message ‘make Amazon pay’ on the side of the Amazon London HQ.

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November 27th

GMB teams up with unions worldwide to challenge Amazon's record on workers' rights, the environment and tax.


We will never stop fighting for our members at Amazon.

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