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GMB is the trade union for everyone. Our family includes over 620,000 working people in all jobs and all walks of life. 

We are experiencing extremely high levels of phone calls at present and are working hard to try and answer your queries. You may get a quicker response if you send us an email on info@gmb.org.uk

If your query is regarding Coronavirus, please click here to try our online guidance first.

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Coronavirus advice

The advice around coronavirus (COVID-19) is constantly changing, take a look at our Coronavirus Hub for the latest advice and information from your union.

Coronavirus advice


Making a difference for working people

A campaigning trade union

Guarantee wages. Protect people. Save lives

Unless the government guarantee incomes, the coronavirus crisis will turn into a new personal debt crisis for hundreds of thousands of families. We need a people's bailout. And we need one now.

SUCCESS: Requisition private hospital beds to help NHS with coronavirus

Let's tell the Prime Minister to do what it takes to protect us from harm.

SUCCESS | Wilko: don't scrap sick pay

There has been massive public backlash over Wilko’s plan to slash sick pay for tens of thousands of workers – but the company is still not listening

Amazon workers are not robots

600 ambulances have been called to Amazon warehouses in three years - billionaire boss Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, can afford to sort this out

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