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GMB Union is an organising and campaigning union for all workers.

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Why Join GMB?

Being a GMB member means someone is always on your side.

We exist to get better pay, terms and conditions for members and to support you if there is a problem.

We have members in every job imaginable in the public sector and in private companies; members who work full time, part time, are apprentices or working students.

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Better pay and conditions

On average trade union members earn more than non-members.

Someone on your side

If you have a problem at work GMB is here to help and advise you.

A 500,000 strong family on your side

When we work together to fight for better we are always stronger than when we fight alone.

Discounts and benefits through GMB

With discounts off amusement parks, travel, cinemas and more. GMB offers many benefits.

Better maternity, paternity and care leave

We negotiate better terms of maternity, paternity or care, often winning you more than the legal minimum.

Safety at work

Unionised workplaces are safer work places. In fact, on average, workplaces with a union presence have half as many injuries.

GMB working for members

Just some of the ways that GMB supports our members in making work better.

Me and my colleagues demanded a pay increase and won, an experience I found empowering.

GMB Union - Testimonial


GMB Member.

Having support brings comfort and reassurance

GMB Union - Testimonial


Refuse Collector.

Being part of GMB Union as a key worker gives you peace of mind.

GMB Union - Testimonial


Ambulance Crew.

GMB are always at the end of the phone if I have a problem.

GMB Union - Testimonial


Senior Care Worker.

GMB has made me feel more secure

GMB Union - Testimonial


Hospital Domestic.

My colleagues were also GMB members and prepared to go on strike unless I was reinstated, which made my employer think again.

GMB Union - Testimonial

Aldren Tomlinson

Worked at King George Hospital.

I'm really happy my union is campaigning for decent apprenticeships for young people.

GMB Union - Testimonial


Apprentice shipbuilder.

I love ensuring that GMB members have a voice at work and standing up to unfairness when I see it.

GMB Union - Testimonial


Loader / Driver.

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