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Our laws decide everything from how much things cost, to how our schools and NHS are funded and what protections we have in the workplace.

At GMB we know how politics affects everyday life for members, politics is decisions made on how much your bills are going to be each month, the kind of education your kids will get to or the NHS or social care you receive.

In the workplace too: pay, pensions, working hours, protection from unfair dismissal, discrimination and even our ability to represent people at work are just some of the issues politicians have a say over.

So in order to stand up for members in the workplace, we need not just an industrial voice but a political one as well. That’s why GMB works to make our members’ voices heard at all levels of political decision-making.

We also work to help members understand how politics influences our workplaces and our lives, and in turn provide training and development so members can influence politics where they are to deliver positive change for members, their families and their communities.

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