Want to get involved with GMB Equality?

Have a look at the 'Get involved' and 'Campaigns' tabs on this page to find out more, and keep an eye on our events page for a diverse programme of national equality and inclusion events.

Contact your Regional Equality Officer for details of local events, campaigns and to get involved with regional self-organised groups.


Hilda Tavolara -hilda.tavolara@gmb.org.uk


Sarah James -sarah.james@gmb.org.uk

North East, Yorkshire and the Humber

Julie Wynn -julie.wynn@gmb.org.uk and Lou Foster-Wilson louise.foster-wilson@gmb.org.uk

North West

Maria Almond -maria.almond@gmb.org.uk


Denise Walker -denise.walker@gmb.org.uk


Sandie Rowlands -sandie.rowlands@gmb.org.uk


Michelle Gordon -michelle.gordon@gmb.org.uk

Wales & South West

Marie McDonald -marie.mcdonald@gmb.org.uk

For any other enquiries, contact:

National Office

Eleanor Saunders, National Equality and Inclusion Coordinator -EqualityInclusion@gmb.org.uk

Megan Fisher, Women's Campaign Unit Membership Development Officer -megan.fisher@gmb.org.uk

Tyehimba Nosakhere, National Race Organiser -tyehimba.nosakhere@gmb.org.uk

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