GMB Equality and Inclusion events

GMB members from all regions are invited to attend online national equality strand summits on Saturdays in November, December, January and February.

The five summits are an opportunity for GMB members who belong to the equality strands to come together and take part in workshops and learning on the top workplace equality priorities.

When are the national equality summits?

  • Race Summit (Black, Asian & minority ethnic workers): Saturday 4 November 2023
  • Disabled Workers Summit: Postponed, date to be announced.
  • Young Workers (30 and under) Summit: Saturday 25 November 2023
  • Women Workers Summit: Saturday 2 December 2023
  • LGBT+ Workers Summit: Postponed until Saturday the 3rd of February 2024

Times: Between 10am and 4pm, exact times tbc

How can regions find and nominate attendees?

Regions can circulate the info in the way that works best for that region – e.g. all-member email, through officers, through branch secretaries, social media, etc. Shareable graphics have been provided.

Info will also be circulated nationally to members involved in national equality campaigns, including to delegates to TUC equality conferences 2023, strand lead network members, CEC members etc. All attendees should personally identify with/belong to the strand of the summit they want to attend. All members will need to contact their REO/regional Young Worker organiser to secure attendance. 

Additional action for Young Workers summit

To help build activist diversity and secure the future of the union, GMB has one delegate place to Labour Party Conference 2024 reserved for a woman young worker.  Please get in touch with if you would like to be considered. 

Will there be elections for national equality strand leads?

GMB's national equality structures are under review and elections are not currently planned.

What will the summits include?

The summits will focus on how members can organise to make work better for members of the relevant equality strand. That includes how to campaign for fair pay, health and safety and anti-discrimination at work.

The exact content will be different for each summit. Content might include:

  • Campaigning workshop (5 campaign questions)
  • Recruitment conversations around equality issues
  • How to identify future activist leaders
  • What is intersectionality and why does it matter at work
  • GMB trans toolkit
  • Campaigning to improve work for those with unseen disability
  • Spotting equal pay issues
  • Tackling the ethnicity pay gap
  • Young workers organising
  • How activists can practically use GMB equality toolkits.

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