Women's Campaign Unit

The Unit spearheads campaigning on Equal Pay and improved working conditions for women.


GMB knows that:

  • women are underpaid
  • the work that women occupy in the majority - like cleaning, catering and caring - is undervalued
  • opportunities for women in the workplace can be held back because of poor policies
  • women continue to carry out the majority of domestic duties in households and childcare
  • the jobs that women occupy are normally the most at risk and insecure
  • we must take an intersectional approach to our campaigning - that women are Black, LGBT+, disabled, and of all ages


Through dedicated organising and campaigning, women have secured historic and far-reaching changes to working conditions affecting legislative changes and new employment law.

The Women's Campaign Unit builds on that inspirational history. We're running accessible, interactive training for organisers, reps and members on how to spot equal pay and health and safety issues for women and how we come together to overcome them for good.

Download the report to Congress 2022 for more about the Unit


To date, the Unit has focused on major campaigns in Glasgow, Dundee and Birmingham City Councils and in ASDA.

As the work grows across every GMB region and nation we'll share our successes on this page.

If you're a GMB member and think there's an equal pay issue for women in your workplace - that men are getting paid more for equivalent work - get in touch with your GMB region today to start a campaign with the support of the Unit.

Get in touch

You can get in touch with the WCU Development Officer Megan Fisher on megan.fisher@gmb.org.uk.

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