National Equality Forum (NEF)

The National Equality Forum (NEF) is the GMB’s national campaign group on equality and inclusion, made up of 16 GMB activists:

  • 9 regional reps - nominated by their GMB region every two years
  • a national strand lead for each equality strand: women workers, LGBT+ workers, race, disabled workers - elected every two years by members nominated by regions
  • the Chair of the GMB Young Workers committee
  • a member elected by the GMB Retired Members Association

All NEF members identify with at least one of the five equality strands which GMB organises around. Many have intersectional identities, belonging to more than one strand.

What does the National Equality Forum do?

The NEF aims to grow the union through workplace campaigning and by making work better for the full diversity of GMB members, especially those underrepresented in the workplace and the union.

The forum acts as a link between equality organising regionally, nationally, and across equality strands and self-organised groups. Members of the forum help plan national equality campaigns, the National Equality Conference and other national events

NEF members will next be nominated and elected in Autumn 2023. Got a passion for equalities and want to make a difference in your workplace? Contact your regional equality officer.

Who's on the National Equality Forum?

Seat Name Email
Cassi Perry
Brian Shaw
Dawn Lovatt
North East, Yorkshire & the Humber
Susie Foster
North West & Irish and NEF Chair
David Hope
North West & Irish: Ireland
Tracey Patrick
Scotland and NEF Vice Chair
Annette Drylie
Charlaine Nkum
Wales & South West: Wales
Maxine Butler
Wales & South West
Jeff Sutton
Disabled Workers Strand Lead
Sarah Sheehan
LGBT+ Strand Lead
Ang Gilraine
Race Strand Lead
Taranjit Chana
Women's Strand Lead
Hailey Maxwell
Young Workers Chair and Strand Lead
George Walker
Retired Members Association
Margi Clarke

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