50 staff left unpaid in care home scandal - GMB threatens legal action

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Wednesday 6 October 2021
GMB Trade Union - 50 staff left unpaid in care home scandal - GMB threatens legal action

Dozens of staff working at a scandal hit care home have been left unpaid sparking threats of legal action by GMB Union.

The Court Care Home in Ballymoney, Country Antrim, has been ordered to close after rooms were found to have been offered as buy-to-let investments.

The closure means 27 residents will have to move and 50 care workers will be out of a job on October 15.

Distraught workers – many of whom are paid the minimum wage – did not receive their wages this week, despite the operator receiving money from the Northern Health and Social Care Trust.

Alan Perry, GMB Organiser, said:

“Not content with forcing elderly people out of their homes and dedicated carers out of their jobs – these private equity sharks are now trying to deny the wages to the minimum wage carers who line their pockets.

“As some the most vulnerable people in the society are packing their belongings into taxis, GMB members and erstwhile national heroes are left penniless – unable to feed their families or pay the rent.

“Meanwhile investors swan off - it’s a repugnant situation and shows everything that’s wrong with our broken care system.

“The utter disregard shown by bosses and the stat for the care workers we all rely on must stop now.

“We need £15 an hour care minimum to boost pay and rights, while the Minister’s promised reform can’t come quick enough.” 50

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