Alarm raised over Brintons 'bonus theft'

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 8 April 2020
GMB Trade Union - Alarm raised over Brintons 'bonus theft'

GMB union has exposed a scheme by Brintons to swindle workers out of a previously agreed-upon overtime bonus amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

The carpet manufacturer, whose website boasts of its ‘good name and reputation’ [1] came under fire in September after announcing plans to offshore production from Telford to Portugal and Poland, sending 70 skilled workers and their families packing.

GMB Union won a workers’ redundancy package to cover management-encouraged overtime worked in the final months of the Telford site’s operation.

With less than two days until the site closes, Brintons have announced their U-turn on redundancy package; they company has attempted to furlough workers under the emergency Coronavirus scheme and said any worker refusing to furlough will be terminated with no redundancy payments.

Rob Greenfield, Group Manufacturing and Logistics Director for Brintons, has even mocked workers trying to claim their overtime as ‘greedy’.

GMB have repeatedly requested to meet with the firm to resolve this matter, Brintons have failed to respond.

Rebecca Mitchell, GMB Organiser, said:

“Brintons have failed to answer exactly why they’re trying to dodge the redundancy payments and bonuses they owe to their loyal employees.

“How can a company be so cynical?

“This appears to be at best, an act of gross incompetence with no consideration of the workers and their families in these tough times. At worst, it’s an attempt to swindle workers out of hard-earned overtime.

“GMB has been fighting for its members for over 130 years and we aren’t about to let Brintons scurry away with workers’ money using the Coronavirus as cover.

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