Amazon accused of ‘desperate’ tactics as workers down tools.

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 24 May 2023
GMB Trade Union - Amazon accused of ‘desperate’ tactics as workers down tools.

GMB members at Amazon in Coventry will begin two further days of strike action this week, bringing the total days on the picket line to 16.

This comes as Coventry Amazon workers await the outcome of their historic union recognition bid to the Government’s Central Arbitration Committee and Amazon workers in Rugeley and Mansfield vote on joining strike action.

Around 700 Coventry workers are expected to walk out on the two days of strike action.

Amanda Gearing, GMB Senior Organiser, said:

“Our members won’t accept a pay rise of pennies from one of the world wealthiest corporations.

“The mood amongst GMB members on the picket line is sky high.

“They’ve had huge support from local people here in Coventry and from fellow Amazon workers around the globe.

“Meanwhile Amazon top brass are reaching for desperate Jekyll and Hyde tactics towards its own workforce.

“One day they’re promising vouchers and competitions to win over staff, the next they’re setting up barriers around their fulfilment centres to keep staff union representatives away.

“Our members won’t be convinced by anything less that £15 and for Amazon to talk pay with their union”.

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