Amazon worker protests continue over pathetic pay offer

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Monday 8 August 2022
GMB Trade Union - Amazon worker protests continue over pathetic pay offer

Workers at range of warehouses are doing 'slowdown work'

Worker protests are continuing across the country, GMB says today (Friday). 

Protests where workers slow down their work to one package an hour – so they are still paid – are happening in a range of depots. 

These include: 

  • Tilbury 
  • Dartford 
  • Belvedere 
  • Hemel Hempstead 
  • Chesterfield

Wednesday and Thursday workers downed tools in the Tilbury depot over a 35p pay offer. 

Protests were also reported in a range of other sites. 

Workers are seeking a £2ph rise to better match the demands of the role and cope with the cost of living crisis. 

Steve Garelick, GMB Regional Organiser, said: 

“Amazon is one of the most profitable companies on the planet. 

“They made a fortune through the pandemic when people were unable to shop on the High Street. Now, with household costs spiralling, the least they can do is offer their workers decent pay. 

“Amazon continues to reject working with trade unions to deliver better working conditions and fair pay. Their repeated use of short-term contracts is designed to undermine worker’s rights. 

“The image the company likes to project, and the reality for their workers, could not be more different. They need to drastically improve pay and working conditions.”

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