Apple Workers make history as first in UK to secure union recogntion

Posted by GMB Admin
Wednesday 2 November 2022
GMB Trade Union - Apple Workers make history as first in UK to secure union recogntion

Apple retail workers in Glasgow have today [Wednesday 2 November] made history by becoming the first store to win trade union recognition.

Workers will celebrate their success with a rally and photo call outside the Buchanan Street store this evening at 19.00 hours, having secured a clear majority of two-thirds support for recognition following a statutory ACAS ballot.

John Slaven, GMB Scotland Organiser, said:

“This is an absolutely historic moment and testament to the hard work of the activists and workers in at the Buchanan Street store – it’s another compelling new chapter in the trade union story that’s being written across the world in Apple.

“The workforce has spoken in a loud and clear voice to achieve recognition, making the case that they are pro-worker and not anti-employer, and that trade unionism should be a normal and welcome feature of any workplace in any industry.”

Louise Gilmour, GMB Scotland Secretary, said:

“It’s no surprise that workers in Glasgow have become the first in Apple to win recognition because trade unionism is in the DNA of this city and its people, and these workers have opened the door for thousands of their colleagues across the UK to follow their example.

“GMB is proud to give Apple workers a banner to organise under so they can make work better for themselves, we look forward to supporting them in their trade union journey, in working productively with the employer, and we congratulate them again on their tremendous achievement.”

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